Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Past ISE Scarves I've Knit

Participating in all the past ISE's has been such a terrific experience. I've been forced to stretch my knowledge and skill level, try things I never though I'd be able to do, and be happy with the results. Here are pictures of scarves I've knit for ISE pals. The blue/green multidirectional scarf was knit with Artyarns Ultramerino 6. The russet colored scarf on the tree branch was knit from merino, silk and tencel yarn. The variegated red scarf was knit from Artyarns ultramerino 6. Each project taught me something new, was a true challenge for me, and I enjoyed the process. Yes, even the frustrations!

Getting Started on ISE4

I adore both of my ISE4 pals. I'm having a great time trying to figure out who is making me a scarf. I'm moving along slowly, but surely on my pal's scarf and in collecting goodies for her package. This is now my 4th ISE, and I've loved participating in every one of them. I'll be shortly adding a picture of the scarf I'm making--but only a swatch, and in a totally different color with hopes that my ISE pal won't figure out who I am.